Automating your business with Ferrio puts incredible power at your fingertips. Here are just a few examples of what can be achieved when you transform how you use data.
Everything our team does is automation and integration. Whether you can pick directly from this list or need help defining a solution, why not contact us?



Not every combination of ecommerce platform and finance system is well serviced for 'built-in' integration. Don't cause disruption in your business by changing the software that already works for you, integrate your apps with Ferrio.


Contact Sync

Contact data spread between your CRM, ticket management, and finance systems? You're not alone! Keep contact data and communication history in sync between any number of apps with easy two-way sync from Ferrio.


Business Insights

The incredible flexibility and phenomenal power of Microsoft Power BI allow unprecedented insights into your business. Keep data up to date from all your apps using Ferrio.



Even bespoke applications and databases can be connected via Ferrio. Lots of legacy and niche software works perfectly for the businesses that use it, but it can be very difficult to integrate to cloud apps. Ferrio changes that.



Most B2B apps now contain at least a simple calendar. Visibility of employee availability, project timelines, and key events are incredibly useful to your team. Keep calendars in sync and your team up to date with two-way calendar sync on Ferrio.


Reverse ETL

Established a single point of truth for your data in your own database but users prefer to interact in their SaaS apps? Ferrio can support two-way on any integration, including to database connectors. Feed data and analytics fields back into the apps your users are in.



When it was just your online store, staying on top of inventory was easy. Now, as a growing business, you have multiple channels through which inventory can be consumed and purchased. Keep inventory in sync across all your apps with Ferrio.


Data Migrations

Migrating data during a project can be incredibly time consuming. When new data is being created in still active legacy applications, manual migrations can miss data. An ongoing one-way sync of data can be incredibly helpful during an upgrade.

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