We automate your business.

At Ferrio, we help businesses:

    Remove barriers to growth.
    Maximise use of resource.
    Win back time.

Automation is not just for enterprise

We help SMEs unlock the power of automation without the cost of bespoke development. Our customers not only save huge amounts of time in their day to day operations, but also remove data risk and human error.

Win Back Time

Time is money, yet businesses around the world waste time on arduous manual processes every day. With our help you can break out of the manual trap. Take your business to the next level with automation.

Secure Integrations

Connect data between almost any applications and keep it secure in transit. Manual data entry processes often result in data being stored unsecurely in spreadsheets and emails. Make your data an asset, not a pain.

Growth Rocket Fuel

Enable your team to focus on work that accelerates the growth of your business. Remove time consuming and error prone tasks that hold your team back. Start winning time back and scaling your business.


We work with you

We work alongside you to guide you through the possibilities of automation. It's important to us to understand your business to make sure we are delivering maximum value.
We work with our customers to answer questions like:

    Is it possible to automate my sales process?
    Can I get data from my suppliers without having to call them?
    What could my sales team achieve if they had this data available?
    Can the applications I use day to day be integrated?

If you aren't sure what automation can do for you, why not get in touch?

Connect any application

There are more digital apps and tools available to businesses than ever before. From industry specific CRMs to specialist finance and ERP systems, no two businesses are using the same software suite.
With our breadth of experience and expertise in APIs, we can work with any application, so you can carry on using what you know works for your business.

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    Our Platform

    Our in-house automation platform means your automations scale with you.

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    Your Apps

    Our flexible connectors mean you use the applications that work for you.

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    Maximum Security

    Read our Security page to learn more about how we keep your data safe.

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    Up To Date APIs

    We manage our connectors so API connections are always up to date.


Ready to accelerate your business with automation?Contact us.

We work hand in hand with all our customers. Speak to our team today to find out how any business can change the way they work with Ferrio.