How We Work

We're a little different at Ferrio. We offer both services and software to get your integrations and automations up and running so you can make the most of the software and data you use every day. This approach means two things; we can guarantee return on investment for our software, and using our own platform we can deliver results much faster than can be achieved with custom development.


We don't just design and build automations that save your business thousands of hours and minimise day to day risk. We will work you to help you make sense of the range of applications available for each of your business processes, and utilise the full extent of the capabilities of the software you use.

Integration Software

Our in house platform is incredibly easy to use - both for us and for you. We ensure everything is always kept up to date, and you can log in any time to manage and configure your integrations. Using our own platform means we can deliver results at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

Data Protection

Your data is essential to the running of your business. Our approach minimises the risk of unintended changes to data that can be introducing when using self-build integration tools. We also take immense care to ensure your data is secure while passing through our platform, which we detail in our Security page.

Always Up To Date

The modern software world is constantly on the move, and software packages receive constant updates. We make sure our connectors are always up to date and always able to take advantage of the latest features in the applications you use. Our subscription model means we are able to deliver these updates to you instantly.

Ready to accelerate your business with automation?

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