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Create a single source of truth with Ferrio's Hubware

Create a single source of truth with Ferrio's Hubware

A consistent data challenge we encounter with SMEs is the need to have a "single source of truth" (SSOT) for data. Even at the smaller end of SME, data can become siloed with teams working from different datasets and leadership finding themselves hamstrung without accurate, reliable data.

Even when consensus is reached, i.e. the finance system should be the SSOT for customer and supplier data, without integration and automation this can difficult to impossible to enforce in practice.

A fundamental goal of Hubware is to provide a single source of truth for all data in the organisation, and control the flow of data between teams, systems and applications. Hubware provides two key benefits: a central database for business reporting and decision making, and the tools to automate data processes and integrate systems and applications.

Hubware is more than a data warehouse, more than a middleware application, and exponentially more cost-effective than both.

What does this mean for me?

Let's focus on a specific example to better understand what this means. The diagram below demonstrates how the flow of customer data is managed by Ferrio's Hubware within an organisation. The finance system (Sage 200 in this real world example) is the only application that can create new customers, and new customers are immediately distributed to all other applications. The CRM (Access) is not able to create new customers, but can update contact details and these details are instantly shared to all other applications. The finance team are able to maintain separate billing contact details however, and do not receive these updates from the CRM.

How flow of customer data can be controlled directionally with Hubware.

How flow of customer data can be controlled directionally with Hubware.

All data in the "hub" is always available for reporting and data analysis tools, such as Power BI and TUBR. Not only is the SSOT version of the data available to these tools, but also snapshots of the data kept in other applications, and IDs that link these together. This means analysis can still be completed on properties of the data stored in, for example, a ticketing system, even though this is not contributing to the SSOT data for customers.

Other applications used by the organisation are not able to push changes to other connected apps via Hubware.

Each data flow can be configured to any required level of detail, for example one app may be able to update customer mobile numbers, but no other detail about the customer.

How can Ferrio help?

Our Hubware platform is the first of its kind. Our mission is to unlock the power of data for businesses of every size, not just large enterprise.

Core to our philosophy is a strict "no bad implementations" policy. We invest in every implementation to ensure our customers are getting maximum return on investment. 

Here are just a few examples of what our partners have achieved with Hubware:

  1. KPI dashboards using data from applications and sources across a 100+ employee business.
  2. Automatic sync of order data between a warehouse management system and Sage finance system.
  3. Detailed financial reports including payroll calculations for field engineers with complex overtime contracts.
  4. Integration with client systems for real time updates on job progress.
  5. Complete automation of a sales funnel using WhatsApp, SMS and email.

For more detailed examples, we are constantly updating our partner case studies: https://ferrio.com/case-studies

Our team of automation and integration specialists work with every customer to connect our Hubware platform to any required application in your organisation. From creating a single source of truth for Power BI reports, to automating complex processes, this is our area of expertise.