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Automating sales with WhatsApp and 365

Learn how Latimer automated their sales process end to end by integrating WhatsApp and 365 with their CRM.

How Latimer Tuition automated their sales process with Ferrio

Latimer Tuition are an online-only tuition agency specializing in one to one lessons with experienced and enthusiastic tutors. Latimer are a tutor-run agency, their founder Robin a maths and science tutor himself, and this drives their personalized service.
Latimer Tuition have been able to 4x their sales volume without increasing sales resource.
Reaching the thousands of customers Latimer serve every year takes a lot of time, and as a tutor-run agency Latimer would much rather invest this time and energy in their customer experience. Most customers arrive via website forms, so accurate data is available, however these customers need quick responses and instant matching with the right tutor.
Latimer had previously tried to automate some of these processes in Zapier, however Robin, a capable Python developer, was limited by Zapier’s constraints and needed a more powerful platform.
Ferrio Connect made this level of automation possible, saving hundreds of hours for Robin and the Latimer team, allowing them to focus on improving their delivery of first-class tuition to their customers.
“Before Ferrio we were struggling to scale,” said Robin Gibbons, founder of Latimer Tuition. “We had a great service and reviews, but the time cost to acquire customers was too high to grow rapidly. Now our prospects get relevant information quickly and are immediately matched with one of our fantastic tutors. This has enabled us to 4x our monthly sales in a matter of months.”
Ferrio’s powerful workflows mean new enquiries can be automatically categorized and contacted, and tutors can be matched by experience, qualifications and availability.
“With our new automations, I get connected with customers who are a perfect fit. It’s ideal for everyone, especially the customer,” said Daniel, a Latimer tutor.