Integrating Joblogic and Ostara

Learn how Linaker saved hundreds of hours per month by integrating Joblogic with Ostara.

How Linaker saved hundreds of hours with Ferrio

Linaker are specialists in the creation and maintenance of tailor-made business environments. Having shaped workspaces for a wide range of businesses across the country, Linaker’s heritage lies in their ability to design and regulate unique spaces that truly work. Crucially, Linaker provide facilities management services to a huge range of businesses across the UK. Across the business, Linaker are always pursuing ways to improve their service with technology.

Linaker have saved hundreds of hours per month for their administration and customer facing teams, enabling additional improvements over a range of KPIs.

Maintaining thousands of sites across the UK requires a huge investment in administration and customer service, on top of the on the ground resource required to complete works. From small equipment fixes to site-wide installations, every action must be logged promptly and in detail, and works must be costed and invoiced accurately in a timely manner.

“Before we used Ferrio we had a big double keying and data entry burden on some contracts, and this was wasting time we could have spent delivering even better service to our clients,” said Jennie Davies, Head of Business Improvement. “Now, with their friendly team and powerful software, we are realizing the power of automation across the business.”


Many clients use their own systems for job logging and monitoring, and these contracts require Linaker to keep both their own system and their clients’ systems up to date. This double keying, experienced by businesses in every sector, puts a multiplier on administration and customer service costs.

An integration by Ferrio between Linaker’s internal job management system, Joblogic, and their clients’ job management system, has meant that double keying is no longer a part of Linaker’s process for a key contract.

Both job management systems are kept in real time sync for job creation, on-site and off-site notifications, and all ETA updates. This has saved hundreds of hours per month for Linaker’s customer service team, allowing them to focus on improvements to process and enhancing the customer experience.

Not only are Linaker saving hundreds of hours per month, but with the time freed up for customer service teams, performance has also improved across a range of key KPIs

“Our new Ferrio automations have made my life much easier,” said Steven Parr, Helpdesk Manager. “Me and my team can now focus on properly important tasks and delivering a better service than ever for our customers."

Linaker and Ferrio continue to work together to find new ways to automate processes and win back time for Linaker.