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Integrating Salesforce, Linnworks and Sage50

Learn how Saturn Machine Knives drive granular COGS reports in Sage50 by integrating with Salesforce and Linnworks.

How Saturn Machine Knives drive granular COGS reports with Ferrio

Saturn Machine Knives are a trusted UK manufacturer and supplier of industrial blades and knives. Proud members of Made in Britain, Saturn Machine Knives serve over 22,000 customers across the UK and beyond.
Serving those 22,000 customers across multiple channels including Amazon, eBay and direct website/phone sales generates a huge volume of data. This data needs to be synced in real time between Saturn Machine Knives’ sales, warehousing, and finance systems. The critical element of this solution is ensuring the finance team have accurate COGS reporting across all channels in a single location.

“Ferrio were able to meet requirements that other vendors could not,” Nick Collinson of Saturn Machine Knives said. “We needed this integration quickly to avoid disruption to the business as we implemented new systems, and Ferrio gave us the confidence to upgrade and automate our processes.”


This integration could have been complex and expensive to deliver. Incredibly high uptime and reliability is required for real-time financial data, and syncing three systems introduces new complexities.
Ferrio made this complex integration a simple project. With a visual designer, standardized connectors and robust platform, all three products were integrated in record time.
Ferrio’s powerful connectors meant Journals could be written directly into Sage, giving the finance team the exact data they need.
Saturn Machine Knives use industry leaders Salesforce for sales & CRM, Linnworks for warehouse management, and Sage50 for finance.

“With our Ferrio integration, I have the right data in the right place, without any workarounds”, said Les Meadows, Management Accountant. “Previously we had to use workarounds and manual imports to get the granular data we needed out of invoices, now everything is accurate and automated.”

Saturn Machine Knives and Ferrio continue to work together to find new ways to automate processes and win back time.