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Our Sage Services

We offer three key services to deliver actionable insights and put automation at the core of your business.


Integrating Salesforce, Linnworks and Sage50

Learn how Saturn Machine Knives drive granular COGS reports in Sage50 by integrating with Salesforce and Linnworks.

Reporting & Analysis

The biggest problem in reporting and analytics is access to data. Even in SMEs data can be tied up in multiple apps, and spreadsheets that only three people know how to find.
We automatically collate data from every application in your business to give you real-time reporting and actionable insights.
Our clients drive revenue and find cost savings by making better decisions with better data.
We make data available on time to everyone in the business who needs it.

  • Drive revenue and find savings by making better decisions with better data.

  • Make data available on time to everyone in the business who needs it.

Automation & Integration

Field Service businesses make huge cost savings and avoid growing pains with automation and integration.

● Integrate your job management systems with your clients' systems, removing double keying from your contracts.

●  Automate repetitive internal processes and assign staff to tasks that have the biggest impact.

● Integrate timesheets into finance and payroll software to automate pay calculation, even for the most complex overtime calculations.

  • Reallocate human resource to where they make the biggest impact.

  • Drive better data to decision makers and save thousands of hours.

Data Import & Implementation

Your decisions are only as good as your data. Regardless of your Job Management, CRM or Finance application, we help you ensure quality data is created.
We're experts in Field Service data, and help our clients cleanse data in existing systems and migrate data to new systems.
By helping you both implement new systems and find new value in existing systems, we can help you build process that continue to generate high quality, accurate and clean data.

  • Get data right from square one, and build a foundation for data-driven business.

  • Cleanse existing data, and build processes that ensure data stays clean.