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Integrating Joblogic, Power BI, and ServiceChannel

Learn how Thermatic gained complete visibility of data across multiple systems with Ferrio's Hubware. 

How Thermatic unlocked real time reporting and integration with Ferrio's Hubware

The Thermatic Group are a leading UK provider of Hard FM and Energy Services with over 50 years of history. Thermatic provide complete nationwide coverage across the full spectrum of Hard FM services. Through a combination of cutting edge technology and highly trained multi skilled engineers, Thermatic can respond rapidly in any part of the country, 24 hours a day.
Guaranteeing this high quality of service requires continuous investment in technology. Decision makers in the business need to have access to accurate, relevant data at all times to ensure Thermatic is continually adapting to the ever changing buildings services environment. The back office need to have automation at the core of what they do to ensure human resource is maximized, and information is delivered to engineers in the field as quickly as possible. Great processes alone are no longer enough to be an efficient business, and Thermatic recognised the power of automation in driving efficiency.
Ferrio implemented our category-defining Hubware solution for Thermatic. Hubware provides both a central location for data, and a method for different systems and applications to share data with each other. By drawing data from Thermatic’s job management system, Joblogic, and their clients’ CAFM system, ServiceChannel, our Hubware is able to deliver both real time reporting and real time integration for Thermatic.

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    “Ferrio have helped us level up our use of digital technology,” said Paul Douglas-Fleet, Group Finance Director at Thermatic Group. “Implementing Joblogic was a major step, and Ferrio have allowed us to develop deep integrations across a range of platforms which feels like the final piece of the data puzzle. When managing 100,000’s of assets, being able to transform all of that granular data into simple, high level reports, that both ourselves and our client can derive clear actions and direction from, is critical. With our continuous investment in technology, we are actively challenging old ways of working, backed with data so we can truly drive innovation into the FM and property sector.”


Thermatic are a strong investor in technology, and have already invested heavily in Microsoft Power BI, with team members trained as Power BI champions. Ferrio’s Hubware was able to take Thermatic’s Power BI usage to the next level by automating data refresh and making data available in real time.
Thermatic now have a range of key dashboards for monitoring customer KPIs and internal engineer KPIs, which are kept up to date automatically and instantly accessible by relevant decision makers. Thermatic also have real time dashboards available for their whole planning team to see on screens in their planning office. This enables the planning team to instantly see opportunities to improve engineer productivity with planning adjustments.

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    “I no longer have to think about how to get access to the data I need for my Power BI reports,” said James Greaves, Finance Analyst at Thermatic Group. “Everything I need is immediately available and automatically kept up to date. I can now focus 100% on delivering value and insight from the information we have.”

Alongside the ability to access and analyse data from multiple systems, Ferrio’s Hubware allows data to flow between systems and unlocks real time automation. This allowed Ferrio to integrate Joblogic directly into a clients’ CAFM system, ServiceChannel. Covering thousands of sites across the UK means a huge volume of jobs from PPMs to emergency response jobs. Integrating Joblogic and ServiceChannel means those jobs are instantly available for Thermatic’s planning team to allocate and schedule
This integration means Thermatic’s back office staff have significantly less admin tasks and are able to focus on high value work, and data entry error is removed. Not only do these automations offer a time return, but automated, real time movement of data makes it easier for Thermatic’s teams to meet tight response and ETA SLAs.
Ferrio’s Hubware has unlocked the next level in data automation and analysis for Thermatic. Ferrio and Thermatic continue to work together to automate processes and pull in data from more sources to continually deliver greater returns on investment.

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    “Our new integrations are delivering an immediate return on investment,” said Dean Purcell, Commercial Finance Manager at Thermatic Group. “Our back office teams are already winning back time and we can’t wait to expand on what we now have.”